Rajdhani Express

Rajdhani Express trains introduced in 1969 run at high-speed (up to 160 km/h/99 mph, one of the super fast train series connecting New Delhi with other important and major destinations, especially state capitals. Rajdhani Trains are fully air-conditioned offer three classes of accommodation: First Class AC with 2- or 4-berth lockable bedrooms, AC 2-tier with open berths (bays of 4 berths + 2 berths on the other side of the corridor) with curtains for privacy, and AC 3-tier (bays of 6 berths + 2 berths on the side) with curtains for privacy. Depending on the duration and timings of the journey passengers are served complimentary meals during the journey like lunch, high tea, dinner, morning tea and breakfast.

Train No.Train NameTrain TypeFrom StationTo StationDepart TimeArrival TimeDurationNo. of HaltsDistanceDepart DaysClasses
12236New Delhi- Dibrugarh Rajdhani Ex RajdhaniNew DelhiDibrugarh09:3005:4544h 15m232474 km::T::::3A 2A 1A
12301Howrah-New Delhi Rajdhani Expres RajdhaniKolkata Howrah JunctionNew Delhi16:5509:5517h 0m61447 km:MTWTFS3A 2A 1A
12302New Delhi-Howrah Rajdhani Expres RajdhaniNew DelhiKolkata Howrah Junction17:0009:5516h 55m61447 kmSMTWT:S3A 2A 1A
12305Howrah-New Delhi Rajdhani Expres RajdhaniKolkata Howrah JunctionNew Delhi14:0509:5519h 50m61530 kmS::::::3A 2A 1A
12306New Delhi-Howrah Rajdhani Expres RajdhaniNew DelhiKolkata Howrah Junction17:0012:4019h 40m61542 km:::::F:3A 2A 1A
12309Rajendra Nagar-New Delhi Rajdhan RajdhaniRajendra Nagar BiharNew Delhi19:0007:3512h 35m41001 kmSMTWTFS3A 2A 1A
12310New Delhi Rajendra Nagar Rajdhan RajdhaniNew DelhiRajendra Nagar Bihar17:1006:0012h 50m41001 kmSMTWTFS3A 2A 1A
12313Sealdah-New Delhi Rajdhani Expre RajdhaniKolkata SealdahNew Delhi16:5010:2017h 30m61454 kmSMTWTFS3A 2A 1A
12314New Delhi-Sealdah Rajdhani Expre RajdhaniNew DelhiKolkata Sealdah16:3010:1517h 45m61454 kmSMTWTFS3A 2A 1A
12423Dibrugarh- New Delhi Rajdhani Ex RajdhaniDibrugarh TownNew Delhi20:1510:1037h 55m172443 kmS:TWT:S3A 2A 1A
12424New Delhi-Dibrugarh Rajdhani Exp RajdhaniNew DelhiDibrugarh Town14:0005:0039h 0m172443 km:MTW:FS3A 2A 1A
12425Jammu Rajdhani Express RajdhaniNew DelhiJammu Tawi20:4005:409h 0m3577 kmSMTWTFS3A 2A 1A
12426Jammu Rajdhani Express RajdhaniJammu TawiNew Delhi19:4505:009h 15m3577 kmSMTWTFS3A 2A 1A
12429Bangalore - Hazrat Nizamuddin Ra RajdhaniBangalore City JunctionDelhi Hazrat Nizamuddin20:2005:5033h 30m102365 kmSM:WT::3A 2A 1A
12430Delhi H Nizamuddin-Bangalore Raj RajdhaniDelhi Hazrat NizamuddinBangalore City Junction20:5006:4033h 50m102382 km:MT::FS3A 2A 1A
12431Trivandrum-Hazrat Nizamuddin Raj RajdhaniTrivandrum CentralDelhi Hazrat Nizamuddin19:1512:4041h 25m173149 km::T:TF:3A 2A 1A
12432Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin-Trivandr RajdhaniDelhi Hazrat NizamuddinTrivandrum Central11:0005:0542h 5m173149 kmS:TW:::3A 2A 1A
12433Chennai Central-Delhi H.Nizamudd RajdhaniChennai CentralDelhi Hazrat Nizamuddin06:1010:2028h 10m72176 kmS::::F:3A 2A 1A
12434Delhi H.Nizamuddin-Chennai Centr RajdhaniDelhi Hazrat NizamuddinChennai Central16:0020:1528h 15m72176 km:::W:F:3A 2A 1A
12435Dibrugarh-New Delhi Rajdhani Exp RajdhaniDibrugarh TownNew Delhi19:0013:4542h 45m222463 km:M:::F:3A 2A 1A
12436NewDelhi-Dibrugarh Rajdhani Expr RajdhaniNew DelhiDibrugarh Town09:3006:2544h 55m222463 kmS:::T::3A 2A 1A
12437Secunderabad Rajdhani Express RajdhaniSecunderabad JunctionDelhi Hazrat Nizamuddin12:4510:2021h 35m41660 km:::W:::3A 2A 1A
12438Secunderabad Rajdhani Express RajdhaniDelhi Hazrat NizamuddinSecunderabad Junction16:0014:0022h 0m41660 kmS::::::3A 2A 1A
12439Ranchi Rajdhani Express RajdhaniRanchi JunctionNew Delhi17:5510:5016h 55m61306 kmS::W:::3A 2A 1A
12440New Delhi-Ranchi Rajdhani Expres RajdhaniNew DelhiRanchi Junction16:1009:1017h 0m61306 km::T::F:3A 2A 1A
12441Bilaspur-New Delhi Rajdhani Expr RajdhaniBilaspur JunctionNew Delhi14:0010:4520h 45m71501 km:M::T::3A 2A 1A
12442Bilaspur Rajdhani Express RajdhaniNew DelhiBilaspur Junction15:4512:0020h 15m71501 km::T:::S3A 2A 1A
12453Ranchi-New Delhi Rajdhani Expres RajdhaniRanchi JunctionNew Delhi17:1010:5017h 40m41341 km::::::S3A 2A 1A
12454New Delhi-Ranchi Rajdhani Expres RajdhaniNew DelhiRanchi Junction16:1010:4018h 30m41341 km::::T::3A 2A 1A
12493Bangalore-Hazrat Nizammudin Rajd RajdhaniBangalore City JunctionDelhi Hazrat Nizamuddin20:2005:5033h 30m62294 km::T::FS3A 2A 1A
12494Hazrat Nizamuddin-Bangalore Rajd RajdhaniDelhi Hazrat NizamuddinBangalore City Junction20:5006:4033h 50m62383 kmS::WT::3A 2A 1A
12951Mumbai Central-New Delhi Rajdhan RajdhaniMumbai CentralNew Delhi16:4008:3015h 50m41384 kmSMTWTFS3A 2A 1A
12952Mumbai Rajdhani Express RajdhaniNew DelhiMumbai Central16:3008:3516h 5m41384 kmSMTWTFS3A 2A 1A
12953MumbaiCentral-H Nizamuddin Augus RajdhaniMumbai CentralDelhi Hazrat Nizamuddin17:4010:5517h 15m121377 kmSMTWTFS3A 2A 1A
12954August Kranti Rajdhani Express RajdhaniDelhi Hazrat NizamuddinMumbai Central16:5510:3517h 40m111377 kmSMTWTFS3A 2A 1A
12957Ahmadabad-New Delhi Swarna Jayan RajdhaniAhmedabad JunctionNew Delhi17:4507:2513h 40m6934 kmSMTWTFS3A 2A 1A
12958New Delhi-Ahmedabad Swarna Jayan RajdhaniNew DelhiAhmedabad Junction19:5509:3513h 40m6934 kmSMTWTFS3A 2A 1A
22423Guwahati-New Delhi Rajdhani Expr RajdhaniGuwahatiNew Delhi07:0510:1027h 5m111880 km::::::S3A 2A 1A
22424New Delhi-Guwahati Rajdhani Expr RajdhaniNew DelhiGuwahati14:0017:2027h 20m111879 km::::T::3A 2A 1A
22811Bhubaneshwar-New Delhi Rajdhani RajdhaniBhubaneswarNew Delhi11:3010:3523h 5m101724 kmS::W::S3A 2A 1A
22812New Delhi-Bhubaneswar Rajdhani E RajdhaniNew DelhiBhubaneswar17:2016:0022h 40m101724 kmSM:::F:3A 2A 1A
22823Bhubaneswar-New Delhi Rajdhani E RajdhaniBhubaneswarNew Delhi09:1510:3525h 20m101800 km:MT:TF:3A 2A 1A
22824New Delhi-Bhubaneswar Rajdhani E RajdhaniNew DelhiBhubaneswar17:2017:3024h 10m101800 km::TWT:S3A 2A 1A
2423Dibrugarh Guwahati Rajdhani Expr RajdhaniDibrugarh TownGuwahati20:1506:1510h 0m5564 kmS:TWT:S3A
2424Guwahati Dibrugarh Rajdhani Expr RajdhaniGuwahatiDibrugarh Town18:0505:0010h 55m5564 kmS:TWT:S3A
2435Dibrugarh Guwahati Rajdhani Expr RajdhaniDibrugarh TownGuwahati19:0005:0510h 5m5564 km:M:::F:3A
2436Guwahati Dibrugarh Rajdhani Expr RajdhaniGuwahatiDibrugarh Town19:4506:2510h 40m5564 km:M:::F:3A
12235Dibrugarh-New Delhi Rajdhani Exp RajdhaniDibrugarhNew Delhi19:1513:4542h 30m232453 km::::T::3A 2A 1A
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