Janshatabdi Express

The Jan Shatabdi Express (literally “People’s Shatabdi”) is a more affordable variety of the Shatabdi Express, which has both AC and non-AC accommodation. Shatabdi Express provides food by included cost in the fare but Jan Shatabdi Express does not provide foods. You have to purchase it in your own cost from the pantry car. Jan Shatabdi express are for middle class passengers. It stops at stations more than Shatabdi Trains.

Train No.Train NameTrain TypeFrom StationTo StationDepart TimeArrival TimeDurationNo. of HaltsDistanceDepart DaysClasses
12021Barbil Janshatabdi Janshatabdi ExpressKolkata Howrah JunctionBarbil06:2013:156h 55m6398 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
12022Barbil Howrah Janshatabdi Janshatabdi ExpressBarbilKolkata Howrah Junction13:4520:507h 5m7398 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
12023Howrah-Patna Jan Shatabdi Janshatabdi ExpressKolkata Howrah JunctionPatna Junction14:0522:158h 10m12532 km:MTWTFS2S CC
12024Patna-Howrah Jan Shatabdi Janshatabdi ExpressPatna JunctionKolkata Howrah Junction05:4513:257h 40m12532 km:MTWTFS2S CC
12051Mumbai Madgaon Jan Shatabdi Expr Janshatabdi ExpressMumbai CstMadgaon Junction05:1014:109h 0m8765 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
12052Madgaon-Mumbai CST Jan Shatabdi Janshatabdi ExpressMadgaon JunctionMumbai Cst14:3023:208h 50m8765 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
12053Haridwar Amritsar Jan Shatabdi E Janshatabdi ExpressHaridwar JunctionAmritsar Junction14:3521:557h 20m8407 kmSMTW:FS2S CC
12054Amritsar Haridwar Jan Shatabdi Janshatabdi ExpressAmritsar JunctionHaridwar Junction07:0013:556h 55m8407 kmSMTW:FS2S CC
12055Dehradun Jan Shatabdi Express Janshatabdi ExpressNew DelhiDehradun15:1521:105h 55m7303 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
12056Dehradun Jan Shatabdi Express Janshatabdi ExpressDehradunNew Delhi05:1011:156h 5m8305 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
12057New Delhi-Una Janshatabdi Janshatabdi ExpressNew DelhiUna Himachal14:3522:107h 35m11410 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
12058Una-New Delhi Janshatabdi Janshatabdi ExpressUna HimachalNew Delhi05:0012:007h 0m11410 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
12059Kota-Hazrat Nizamuddin Jan Shata Janshatabdi ExpressKota JunctionDelhi Hazrat Nizamuddin05:5512:306h 35m8458 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
12060Hazarat Nizamuddin-Kota Jan Shat Janshatabdi ExpressDelhi Hazrat NizamuddinKota Junction13:2019:406h 20m8458 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
12061HabibGanj Bhopal-Jabalpur Jan Sh Janshatabdi ExpressBhopal HabibganjJabalpur Junction17:4022:555h 15m8331 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
12062Jabalpur-HabibGanj Bhopal Jan Sh Janshatabdi ExpressJabalpur JunctionBhopal Habibganj06:0011:355h 35m8331 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
12063Haridwar Chandigarh Una Link Jan Janshatabdi ExpressHaridwar JunctionUna Himachal14:3522:107h 35m9368 kmS:T::F:2S
12064Una Chandigarh Haridwar Link Jan Janshatabdi ExpressUna HimachalHaridwar Junction05:0013:558h 55m9368 km:M:W::S2S
12067Guwahati Jorhat Jan Shatabdi Janshatabdi ExpressGuwahatiJorhat Town06:3013:106h 40m8376 km:MTWTFS2S CC
12068Jorhat Guwahati Jan Shatabdi Janshatabdi ExpressJorhat TownGuwahati13:5520:456h 50m8376 km:MTWTFS2S CC
12069Raigarh-Gondia Jan Shatabdi Janshatabdi ExpressRaigarhGondia Junction06:2513:257h 0m12414 km:MTWTFS2S CC
12070Gondia-Raigarh Jan Shatabdi Janshatabdi ExpressGondia JunctionRaigarh15:0022:007h 0m12414 kmSMTWTF:2S CC
12071Mumbai Aurangabad Jan Shatabdi Janshatabdi ExpressMumbai CstAurangabad13:5020:356h 45m5374 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
12072Aurangabad Mumbai Jan Shatabdi Janshatabdi ExpressAurangabadMumbai Cst06:0012:456h 45m5374 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
12073Howrah-Bhubaneswar Jan Shatabdi Janshatabdi ExpressKolkata Howrah JunctionBhubaneswar13:3520:206h 45m7439 km:MTWTFS2S CC
12074Bhubaneswar-Howrah Jan Shatabdi Janshatabdi ExpressBhubaneswarKolkata Howrah Junction06:2012:506h 30m7439 km:MTWTFS2S CC
12075Kozhikode-Trivandrum Jan Shatabd Janshatabdi ExpressKozhikode MainTrivandrum Central13:4020:557h 15m8399 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
12076Trivandrum-Kozhikode Jan Shatabd Janshatabdi ExpressTrivandrum CentralKozhikode Main06:0013:007h 0m8399 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
12077Chennai Vijayawada Jan Shatabdi Janshatabdi ExpressChennai CentralVijayawada Junction07:0013:356h 35m7431 kmSM:WTFS2S CC
12078Vijayawada Chennai Jan Shatabdi Janshatabdi ExpressVijayawada JunctionChennai Central14:3521:106h 35m7431 kmSM:WTFS2S CC
12079Bangalore City-Hubli Jan Shatabd Janshatabdi ExpressBangalore City JunctionHubli Junction06:0013:257h 25m9469 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
12080Hubli Bangalore Janshatabdi Janshatabdi ExpressHubli JunctionBangalore City Junction14:0021:257h 25m9469 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
12081Kozhikode - Trivandrum Jan Shata Janshatabdi ExpressKozhikode MainTrivandrum Central06:1513:457h 30m8413 km:MT:TFS2S CC
12082Trivandrum-Kozhikode Jan Shatabd Janshatabdi ExpressTrivandrum CentralKozhikode Main14:2022:057h 45m8413 kmSM:WTF:2S CC
12083Mayiladuturai-Coimbatore Jan Sha Janshatabdi ExpressMayiladuturai JunctionCoimbatore Main Junction14:4521:206h 35m7362 kmSM:WTFS2S CC
12084Coimbatore-Mayiladuturai Jan Sha Janshatabdi ExpressCoimbatore Main JunctionMayiladuturai Junction07:0013:406h 40m7362 kmSM:WTFS2S CC
12365Patna-Ranchi Jan Shatabdi Expres Janshatabdi ExpressPatna JunctionRanchi Junction06:1513:557h 40m6411 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
12366Ranchi Patna Jan Shatabdi Expres Janshatabdi ExpressRanchi JunctionPatna Junction14:2522:157h 50m6411 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
5697Hill Queen Express Janshatabdi ExpressLumding JunctionLower Haflong09:4513:303h 45m3104 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
5698Hill Queen Express Janshatabdi ExpressLower HaflongLumding Junction13:4517:303h 45m3104 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
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