Garibrath and Yuva Express

The Garib Rath Express trains introduced by Railways Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav in 2005, fully air-conditioned for passengers who can’t afford expensive AC tickets for Rajdhani or Shatabdi express. Garib Rath trains are the series of superfast trains run at maximum speed of 130km/h. Garib Rath trains are also slated to have many amenities such as fridge, microwave oven, tv, cooler, fan, toaster, however passengers are not normally provided with blankets and pillow and they have to pay extra to get those.

Train No.Train NameTrain TypeFrom StationTo StationDepart TimeArrival TimeDurationNo. of HaltsDistanceDepart DaysClasses
12113Pune-Nagpur Garib Rath Express Garib RathPune JunctionNagpur Junction17:4009:2515h 45m7890 km:M:W::S3A
12114Nagpur-Pune Garib Rath Garib RathNagpur JunctionPune Junction18:3509:4515h 10m7890 kmS:T::F:3A
12187Jabalpur-CST Garib Rath Express Garib RathJabalpur JunctionMumbai Cst19:3012:1516h 45m12997 km:M:::F:3A
12188Mumbai-Jabalpur Garib Rath Expre Garib RathMumbai CstJabalpur Junction13:3006:0016h 30m12997 km::T:::S3A
12201MumbaiLTT-Kochuveli Garib Rath Garib RathMumbai Lokmanya Tilak TerminusTrivandrum Kochuveli16:5520:3027h 35m231812 km:M:::F:CC 3A
12202Kochuveli Mumbai LT Terminus Gar Garib RathTrivandrum KochuveliMumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus08:5011:4526h 55m231812 kmS:::T::CC 3A
12203Saharsa Amritsar Garib Rath Garib RathSaharsa JunctionAmritsar Junction15:0020:4529h 45m191723 kmSM::T::CC 3A
12204Amritsar Saharsa Garib Rath Garib RathAmritsar JunctionSaharsa Junction04:4010:1029h 30m201723 kmS::W::SCC 3A
12207Kathgodam-Jammu Garib Rath Expre Garib RathKathgodamJammu Tawi18:3009:4015h 10m13769 km::T::::3A
12208Jammu-Kathgodam Garib Rath Expre Garib RathJammu TawiKathgodam23:4514:3514h 50m13769 kmS::::::3A
12209Kanpur-Kathgodam Garib Rath Garib RathKanpur CentralKathgodam06:1515:058h 50m7459 km::T::::3A
12210Kathgodam-Kanpur Garib Rath Garib RathKathgodamKanpur Central18:3004:3010h 0m7459 km:M:::::3A
12211Muzaffarpur-Anand Vihar(T) Garib Garib RathMuzaffarpur JunctionDelhi Anand Vihar Terminus15:1512:2521h 10m101060 km:::::F:3A
12212Anand Vihar T.- Muzaffarpur Gari Garib RathDelhi Anand Vihar TerminusMuzaffarpur Junction21:1017:5520h 45m101060 km:::W:::3A
12215Delhi Sarai Rohilla-Mumbai Bandr Garib RathDelhi Sarai RohillaMumbai Bandra Terminus09:2008:1022h 50m151431 km:MT:T:S3A
12216Mumbai Bandra T. - Delhi Sarai R Garib RathMumbai Bandra TerminusDelhi Sarai Rohilla12:5512:2023h 25m151431 kmS:TW:F:3A
12255Yesvantpur Puducherry Garib Rath Garib RathBangalore Yesvantpur JunctionPuducherry23:1509:4010h 25m8456 km:::::F:3A
12256Puducherry Yesvantpur Garib Rath Garib RathPuducherryBangalore Yesvantpur Junction22:0508:2510h 20m8456 km::::::S3A
12257Yesvantapur Kochuveli Garib Rath Garib RathBangalore Yesvantpur JunctionTrivandrum Kochuveli21:0012:4015h 40m12808 kmS:T:T::3A
12258Kochuveli-Yesvantpur Garib Rath Garib RathTrivandrum KochuveliBangalore Yesvantpur Junction16:3509:0516h 30m12808 km:M:W:F:3A
12359Kolkata Chitpur Patna Garib Rath Garib RathKolkata ChitpurPatna Junction20:0005:309h 30m11534 km::T:T:S3A
12360Patna-Kolkata Chitpur Garib Rath Garib RathPatna JunctionKolkata Chitpur20:1005:159h 5m11534 kmS::W:F:3A
12517Kolkata Guwahati Garib Rath Garib RathKolkata ChitpurGuwahati21:4015:4018h 0m111027 kmS:::T::3A
12518Guwahati -Kolkata Chitpur Garib Garib RathGuwahatiKolkata Chitpur21:0015:0018h 0m121027 km:::W::S3A
12535Lucknow-Raipur Garib Rath Expres Garib RathLucknow JunctionRaipur Junction14:4007:1516h 35m10917 km:M::T::3A
12536Raipur-Lucknow Garib Rath Garib RathRaipur JunctionLucknow Junction12:2005:0516h 45m10917 km::T::F:3A
12569Jaynagar-Delhi AnandViharT Garib Garib RathJaynagarDelhi Anand Vihar Terminus12:1008:2520h 15m181252 km:M:::F:3A
12570Anand Vihar Terminus-Jaynagar Ga Garib RathDelhi Anand Vihar TerminusJaynagar17:0013:3020h 30m181252 km::T:::S3A
12593Lucknow-Bhopal Garib Rath Garib RathLucknow JunctionBhopal Junction22:4509:3510h 50m4585 km::::::S3A
12594Bhopal-Lucknow Garib Rath Expres Garib RathBhopal JunctionLucknow Junction22:4509:4511h 0m4585 kmS::::::3A
12611Chennai Central-H.Nizamuddin Gar Garib RathChennai CentralDelhi Hazrat Nizamuddin06:1010:2028h 10m92177 km::::::S3A
12612H Nizamuddin-Chennai Garib Rath Garib RathDelhi Hazrat NizamuddinChennai Central16:0020:1528h 15m92176 km:M:::::3A
12735Secunderabad Yesvantpur Garib Ra Garib RathSecunderabad JunctionBangalore Yesvantpur Junction19:1507:1011h 55m7688 kmS:T:T::3A
12736Yeshvantpur-Secunderabad Garib R Garib RathBangalore Yesvantpur JunctionSecunderabad Junction20:5008:3511h 45m7688 km:M:W:F:3A
12739Visakhapatnam Secunderabad Garib Garib RathVisakhapatnam JunctionSecunderabad Junction20:3008:1011h 40m7701 kmSMTWTFS3A
12740Secunderabad-Visakhapatnam Garib Garib RathSecunderabad JunctionVisakhapatnam Junction20:1507:3011h 15m7701 kmSMTWTFS3A
12831Dhanbad-Bhubaneswar Garib Rath Garib RathDhanbad JunctionBhubaneswar16:0008:1516h 15m11780 km:M:W::S3A
12832Bhubaneswar-Dhanbad Garib Rath Garib RathBhubaneswarDhanbad Junction20:1010:4514h 35m11780 kmS:T::F:3A
12877Ranchi-New Delhi Garib Rath Garib RathRanchi JunctionNew Delhi17:1010:5017h 40m101341 km:M:::F:3A
12878New Delhi-Ranchi Garib Rath Garib RathNew DelhiRanchi Junction16:1010:4018h 30m101344 km:::W::S3A
12881Howrah Puri Garib Rath Garib RathKolkata Howrah JunctionPuri20:5505:559h 0m7502 km::T:T::3A
12882Puri Howrah Garib Rath Garib RathPuriKolkata Howrah Junction22:1507:058h 50m7502 km:M:W:::3A
12909Bandra Terminus- Hazrat Nizamudd Garib RathMumbai Bandra TerminusDelhi Hazrat Nizamuddin16:5509:4516h 50m71366 km::T:T:SCC 3A
12910H.Nizamuddin-Bandra Terminus Gar Garib RathDelhi Hazrat NizamuddinMumbai Bandra Terminus15:4008:1016h 30m71366 kmS::W:F:CC 3A
12983Ajmer-Chandigarh GaribRath Expre Garib RathAjmer JunctionChandigarh17:5506:4012h 45m13740 kmS:T::F:3A
12984Chandigarh-Ajmer GaribRath Garib RathChandigarhAjmer Junction21:0509:5512h 50m13740 km:M:W::S2S 3A
22405Bhagalpur - Delhi AnandVihar T. Garib RathBhagalpurDelhi Anand Vihar Terminus13:3008:2518h 55m171207 km::T:T:SCC 3A
22406AnandVihar Terminal-Bhagalpur Ga Garib RathDelhi Anand Vihar TerminusBhagalpur17:0011:3018h 30m151207 km:M:W:F:CC 3A
22407Varanasi-Delhi Anand Vihar Termi Garib RathVaranasi JunctionDelhi Anand Vihar Terminus19:3010:0014h 30m7781 kmS:T:T::3A
22408Delhi Anand Vihar Terminus-Varan Garib RathDelhi Anand Vihar TerminusVaranasi Junction18:1008:0513h 55m7781 km:M:W:F:3A
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