Express Trains

Train No.Train NameTrain TypeFrom StationTo StationDepart TimeArrival TimeDurationNo. of HaltsDistanceDepart DaysClasses
10001Satpura Express ExpressBalaghat JunctionJabalpur Junction12:4519:356h 50m10187 kmSMTWTFSFC
10002Satpura Express ExpressJabalpur JunctionBalaghat Junction05:3012:106h 40m10187 kmSMTWTFSFC
10103Mandovi Express ExpressMumbai CstMadgaon Junction06:5518:4511h 50m18765 kmSMTWTFS2S SL 3A 2A 1A
10104Mandovi Express ExpressMadgaon JunctionMumbai Cst09:3021:3012h 0m18765 kmSMTWTFS2S SL 3A 2A 1A
10111Konkan Kanya Express ExpressMumbai CstMadgaon Junction23:0510:4511h 40m18765 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A 1A
10112Konkan Kanya Express ExpressMadgaon JunctionMumbai Cst18:0005:5011h 50m18765 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A 1A
10215Madgaon Ernakulam Weekly Super F ExpressMadgaon JunctionErnakulam Junction (South)21:3010:5513h 25m11850 kmS::::::SL 3A 2A 1A
10216Ernakulam Madgaon Weekly SF Expr ExpressErnakulam Junction (South)Madgaon Junction14:3504:0013h 25m11850 km:M:::::SL 3A 2A 1A
11003Dadar - Sawantwadi Road Rajya Ra ExpressMumbai Dadar CentralSawantwadi Road23:5510:5511h 0m19646 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A
11004Rajya Rani express ExpressSawantwadi RoadMumbai Dadar Central18:1006:3012h 20m19646 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A
11007Deccan Express ExpressMumbai CstPune Junction07:1011:104h 0m10192 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
11008Deccan Express ExpressPune JunctionMumbai Cst15:3019:404h 10m9192 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
11009Sinhagad Express ExpressMumbai CstPune Junction14:3018:404h 10m10192 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
1101Mumbai LTT - Gwalior (Weekly) Sp ExpressMumbai Lokmanya Tilak TerminusGwalior Junction15:5015:3523h 45m141216 km:::W:::SL 3A
11010Sinhagad Express ExpressPune JunctionMumbai Cst06:0509:553h 50m9192 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
11011Mahalaxmi Express ExpressMumbai CstShahu Maharaj Terminus20:2307:2010h 57m16518 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A 1A
11012Mahalaxmi Express ExpressShahu Maharaj TerminusMumbai Cst20:3007:2510h 55m17518 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A 1A
11013Mumbai LTT-Coimbatore Express ExpressMumbai Lokmanya Tilak TerminusCoimbatore Main Junction22:3506:3031h 55m311518 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A 1A
11014Coimbatore Mumbai LTT Express ExpressCoimbatore Main JunctionMumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus08:0014:3030h 30m311518 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A 1A
11015Kushinagar Express ExpressMumbai Lokmanya Tilak TerminusGorakhpur Junction22:4507:2532h 40m451680 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A
11016Kushinagar Express ExpressGorakhpur JunctionMumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus19:0504:2033h 15m431680 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A
11017Chalukya Express ExpressMumbai Dadar CentralBangalore Yesvantpur Junction21:3021:5524h 25m251205 kmSM:WTFSSL 3A 2A
11018Chalukya Express ExpressBangalore Yesvantpur JunctionMumbai Dadar Central06:3005:5023h 20m241205 kmSMTW:FSSL 3A 2A
11019Konark Express ExpressMumbai CstBhubaneswar15:1004:2537h 15m341932 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A
1102Gwalior Mumbai LTT (Weekly) Spec ExpressGwalior JunctionMumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus15:0012:0521h 5m141216 km::T::::SL 3A
11020Konark Express ExpressBhubaneswarMumbai Cst15:2003:5536h 35m351932 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A
11023Sahyadri Express ExpressMumbai CstShahu Maharaj Terminus17:5006:0512h 15m26518 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A
11024Sahyadri Express ExpressShahu Maharaj TerminusMumbai Cst22:5011:5513h 5m29518 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A
11025Manmad Pune Express(Via Nasik) ExpressManmad JunctionPune Junction04:3012:057h 35m8364 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
11026Pune Manmad Express ExpressPune JunctionManmad Junction12:5021:308h 40m8364 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
11029Koyna Express ExpressMumbai CstShahu Maharaj Terminus08:4020:2511h 45m33518 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
11030Koyna Express ExpressShahu Maharaj TerminusMumbai Cst07:5520:2212h 27m31518 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
11033Gyan Ganga Express ExpressPune JunctionDarbhanga Junction16:1506:4538h 30m281948 km:::W:::SL 3A 2A
11034Gyan Ganga Express ExpressDarbhanga JunctionPune Junction17:0008:0539h 5m281948 km:::::F:SL 3A 2A
11035Dadar-Mysore Sharavati Express ExpressMumbai Dadar CentralMysore Junction21:3021:4524h 15m251212 km::T::::SL 3A 2A
11036Mysore-Dadar Sharavati Express ExpressMysore JunctionMumbai Dadar Central06:1505:5023h 35m241212 km::::T::SL 3A 2A
11037Pune-Gorakhpur Express ExpressPune JunctionGorakhpur Junction16:1501:1533h 0m141771 km::::T::SL 3A 2A
11038Gorakhpur-Pune Express ExpressGorakhpur JunctionPune Junction15:3004:0536h 35m141771 km::::::SSL 3A 2A
11039Maharashtra Express ExpressShahu Maharaj TerminusGondia Junction15:3020:1528h 45m601346 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A
11039-SlipKolhapur-Gorakhpur Express Slip ExpressShahu Maharaj TerminusGorakhpur Junction15:3019:1051h 40m892107 kmSMTWTFSSL
11040Maharashtra Express ExpressGondia JunctionShahu Maharaj Terminus08:2012:4528h 25m581346 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A
11040-SlipGondia-Solapur Maharashtra Expre ExpressGondia JunctionSolapur Junction08:2008:5024h 30m371132 kmSMTWTFSSL
11041Mumbai - Chennai Express ExpressMumbai CstChennai Central14:0016:4526h 45m341283 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A
11042ChennaiCentral-CST Mumbai Expres ExpressChennai CentralMumbai Cst11:5513:4525h 50m321283 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A
11043Mumbai LTT - Madurai (Weekly) Ex ExpressMumbai Lokmanya Tilak TerminusMadurai Junction00:1512:3036h 15m251702 km:::::F:SL 3A 2A
11044Madurai-Mumbai LT(T) Express ExpressMadurai JunctionMumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus18:0005:4535h 45m241702 km::::::SSL 3A 2A
11045Deekshabhoomi Express ExpressShahu Maharaj TerminusDhanbad Junction23:4512:0060h 15m342968 km::::T::SL 3A
11046Deekshabhoomi Express ExpressDhanbad JunctionShahu Maharaj Terminus13:4504:0062h 15m352968 km:M:::::SL 3A
11047Hubli Express ExpressMiraj JunctionHubli Junction00:1006:256h 15m10279 kmSMTWTFSSL
11048Hubli Miraj Express ExpressHubli JunctionMiraj Junction23:0005:156h 15m10279 kmSMTWTFSSL
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