List of trains to Kolkata Sealdah (SDAH)

Below is the list of trains those reach to or passes through the Kolkata Sealdah (SDAH) Railway Station:

Train No.Train NameTrain TypeFrom StationTo StationDepart TimeArrival TimeDurationNo. of HaltsDistanceDepart DaysClasses
12260New Delhi-Sealdah AC Duronto Exp DurontoNew DelhiKolkata Sealdah20:0512:2516h 20m01453 km:M:::F:3A 2A 1A
12314New Delhi-Sealdah Rajdhani Expre RajdhaniNew DelhiKolkata Sealdah16:3010:1517h 45m61454 kmSMTWTFS3A 2A 1A
12316Ananya Express Superfast ExpressUdaipur CityKolkata Sealdah00:3015:1038h 40m182141 km:M:::::SL 3A 2A
12318Akal Takht Express Superfast ExpressAmritsar JunctionKolkata Sealdah06:0515:1033h 5m201898 km::T::F:SL 3A 2A
12330West Bengal Sampark Kranti Expre Sampark KrantiOld DelhiKolkata Sealdah19:1017:2522h 15m61448 km:::W:::SL 3A 2A
12344Darjeeling Mail Superfast ExpressHaldibariKolkata Sealdah16:4506:0013h 15m10624 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A 1A
12378Padatik Express Superfast ExpressNew JalpaiguriKolkata Sealdah21:0006:459h 45m5567 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A 1A
12380Amritsar - Sealdah Superfast Exp Superfast ExpressAmritsar JunctionKolkata Sealdah10:5017:2530h 35m101894 kmS::::::SL 3A 2A
12988Ajmer Sealdah Express Superfast ExpressAjmer JunctionKolkata Sealdah12:4515:5527h 10m151642 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A
13104Bhagirathi Express ExpressLalgolaKolkata Sealdah05:5010:254h 35m9227 kmSMTWTFS2S CC
13106Ballia-Sealdah Express ExpressBalliaKolkata Sealdah09:0003:3518h 35m25679 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A
13116Rampur Hat-Sealdah Intercity Exp ExpressRampur HatKolkata Sealdah10:2014:204h 0m4213 km:M:W:F:2S
13134Varanasi- Sealdah Express ExpressVaranasi JunctionKolkata Sealdah08:4010:5526h 15m76871 kmSMTWTFSSL
13142Teesta Torsa Express ExpressNew AlipurduarKolkata Sealdah11:4504:3516h 50m32716 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A
13148Uttar Banga Express ExpressNew Cooch BeharKolkata Sealdah15:1505:1013h 55m18693 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A
13150Kanchan Kanya Express ExpressAlipur Duar JunctionKolkata Sealdah16:4508:1515h 30m23735 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A
13154Malda Town-Sealdah Gour Express ExpressMalda TownKolkata Sealdah21:3505:207h 45m13347 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A 1A
13164Hatey Bazare Express ExpressSaharsa JunctionKolkata Sealdah14:2007:1516h 55m28589 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A
13186Ganga Sagar Express ExpressJaynagarKolkata Sealdah16:0506:5514h 50m19624 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A
13188Rampurhat- Sealdah Express ExpressRampur HatKolkata Sealdah14:0518:454h 40m7226 km:MTWTFS2S CC
13504Asansol-Sealdah InterCity Expres ExpressAsansol JunctionKolkata Sealdah06:3510:454h 10m6220 km:MTWTFS2S
15658Kanchenjunga Express ExpressGuwahatiKolkata Sealdah22:3019:2520h 55m30975 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A
23142Teesta Torsa Express ExpressHaldibariKolkata Sealdah13:1504:3515h 20m27628 kmSMTWTFSSL
23154Gour Express ExpressBalurghatKolkata Sealdah17:0505:2012h 15m26454 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A
31922GEDE SDAH LOCAL MEMU TrainsGedeKolkata Sealdah15:3518:122h 37m33116 kmSMTWTFSFC
31924GEDE SDAH LOCAL MEMU TrainsGedeKolkata Sealdah19:5422:352h 41m34116 kmSMTWTFSFC
31926GEDE SDAH LOCAL MEMU TrainsGedeKolkata Sealdah21:2500:022h 37m29116 kmSMTWTFSFC
31930GEDE SDAH LOCAL MEMU TrainsGedeKolkata Sealdah05:0507:402h 35m34116 kmSMTWTFSFC
32252Dankuni Sealdah Local MEMU TrainsDankuniKolkata Sealdah14:0814:520h 44m722 kmSMTWTFS
33512Hasanabad Sealdah EMU MEMU TrainsHasanabadKolkata Sealdah03:0505:302h 25m28no infoSMTWTFS
34431Sonarpur Sealdah Local MEMU TrainsSonarpur JunctionKolkata Sealdah18:0418:350h 31m716 kmSMTWTFS
53132Muzaffarpur Sealdah PassengerPassengerMuzaffarpur JunctionKolkata Sealdah07:4503:2519h 40m69568 kmSMTWTFS
53136Rampurhat Sealdah PassengerPassengerRampur HatKolkata Sealdah13:0520:006h 55m24227 kmSMTWTFS
53172Lalgola Sealdah PassengerPassengerLalgolaKolkata Sealdah21:2004:307h 10m34227 kmSMTWTFSSL FC
53174Lalgola Sealdah PassengerPassengerLalgolaKolkata Sealdah04:1510:005h 45m29227 kmSMTWTFS
53178Lalgola Sealdah Fast PassengerPassengerLalgolaKolkata Sealdah08:3015:156h 45m31227 kmSMTWTFS
53180Lalgola Kolkata PassengerPassengerLalgolaKolkata Sealdah13:5520:206h 25m36227 kmSMTWTFS
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