List of Trains from Hyderabad Deccan Nampally (HYB)

Below is the list of trains those starts or passes through the Hyderabad Deccan Nampally (HYB) Railway Station:

Train No.Train NameTrain TypeFrom StationTo StationDepart TimeArrival TimeDurationNo. of HaltsDistanceDepart DaysClasses
12604Hyderabad - Chennai Express Superfast ExpressHyderabad Deccan NampallyChennai Central16:5505:5513h 0m19715 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A 1A
12702Hussain Sagar Express Superfast ExpressHyderabad Deccan NampallyMumbai Cst14:4505:0514h 20m15790 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A
12720Hyderabad Ajmer Superfast Expres Superfast ExpressHyderabad Deccan NampallyAjmer Junction20:3003:0530h 35m151711 km:M:W:::SL 3A 2A
12721Dakshin SF Express Superfast ExpressHyderabad Deccan NampallyDelhi Hazrat Nizamuddin22:3004:0529h 35m431670 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A
12723Andhra Pradesh Express Superfast ExpressHyderabad Deccan NampallyNew Delhi06:2509:0526h 40m151677 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A 1A
12728Godavari SF Express Superfast ExpressHyderabad Deccan NampallyVisakhapatnam Junction17:1505:5012h 35m18711 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A 1A
12760Charminar Express Superfast ExpressHyderabad Deccan NampallyChennai Central18:3008:1513h 45m15790 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A 1A
17003Hyderabad-Kolhapur BiWeekly Expr ExpressHyderabad Deccan NampallyShahu Maharaj Terminus23:1022:4523h 35m33998 km:M:::F:SL 3A 2A
17005Hyderabad-Darbhanga Express ExpressHyderabad Deccan NampallyDarbhanga Junction21:3013:0039h 30m232015 km::::T::SL 3A 2A
17014Hyderabad-Pune Express ExpressHyderabad Deccan NampallyPune Junction22:4513:1514h 30m12649 kmS:T::F:SL 3A 2A
17032Hyderabad-Mumbai Express ExpressHyderabad Deccan NampallyMumbai Cst20:4013:0516h 25m23790 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A 1A
17230Sabari Express ExpressHyderabad Deccan NampallyTrivandrum Central12:0018:5530h 55m381568 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A
17256Hyderabad-Narsapur Express ExpressHyderabad Deccan NampallyNarasapur21:4508:4010h 55m19462 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A 1A
17429Rayalaseema Express ExpressHyderabad Deccan NampallyTirupati Main17:2508:1014h 45m32732 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A
18646East Coast Express ExpressHyderabad Deccan NampallyKolkata Howrah Junction10:0016:1030h 10m581592 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A 2A
57130Hyderabad Bijapur PassengerPassengerHyderabad Deccan NampallyBijapur19:5010:4014h 50m43444 kmSMTWTFSSL
57156Hyderabad Gulbarga PassengerPassengerHyderabad Deccan NampallyGulbarga16:3023:106h 40m26223 kmSMTWTFS
57517Hyderabad-Tandur PassengerPassengerHyderabad Deccan NampallyTandur12:3515:152h 40m13116 kmSMTWTFSSL
57547Hyderabad Purna PassengerPassengerHyderabad Deccan NampallyPurna Junction07:5520:3512h 40m40434 kmSMTWTFS
57549Hyderabad Aurangabad PassengerPassengerHyderabad Deccan NampallyAurangabad21:3014:1516h 45m53582 kmSMTWTFSSL
57563Hyderabad-Parbhani PASSPassengerHyderabad Deccan NampallyParbhani Junction22:4008:5510h 15m44340 kmSMTWTFSSL 3A FC
7003Hyderabad-Korba Special ExpressHyderabad Deccan NampallyKorba10:4505:4519h 0m16996 km::T::::SL 3A 2A
7106Hyderabad-Ajmer Weekly Special ExpressHyderabad Deccan NampallyAjmer Junction21:3514:3040h 55m312034 km:::::F:SL 3A 2A
7143Hyderabad - C.Shahu Maharaj T. K ExpressHyderabad Deccan NampallyShahu Maharaj Terminus23:1022:4523h 35m33998 kmS:TW::SSL 3A 2A
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