Is it possible to locate a stolen iPod!?

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asked Oct 15, 2012 in Queries by Aisha Reidy (120 points)
I want to know more about this, please give me more information.

1 Answer

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answered Oct 15, 2012 by Joana Vanness (140 points)

Don't listen to these chumps. A great question by the way! The iPod Touch 4G has Location Services that enable GPS location without Wi-Fi access even from another device. If the previous owner properly set up the App, "Find My iPhone" location services should be on and the owner should be tracking it's every move! Me and my brother have set this up to stop any thief right in their tracks if they ever stole my or his iPod Touch 4G! What I recommend, don't buy stolen items with GPS locators! Cheers and good luck finding an iPod Touch 4G!

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