Tatkal Ticket Booking Online One Day Before Traveling

Tatkal is a Hindi word, which means at the last minute or emergency. So, if you have to book a railway ticket at the last moment and you have not planned for your journey what would you do? To facilitate last minute ticket bookings, if we may call it so, Indian Railways has introduced the scheme of Tatkal ticket booking.

Indian railways as a mode of transport is so popular that the general quota of tickets get exhausted many days before the train’s scheduled departure. This means that if you have an emergency and you plan to travel at the last moment what would you do. But Indian Railways have kept this in mind and have introduced ‘Tatkal Ticket Booking. Thus Tatkal scheme of ticket booking facilitates last minute booking of train tickets.

However, one thing must be kept in mind that ‘last minute’ literally does not mean that one can book a ticket at the last minute. Tatakl ticket booking is available only 2 days before the date of the journey. The booking for ‘Tatkal’ opens at 08:00 hrs IST two days prior to the definite date of journey. For example, the train is leaving on the 20th, ‘Tatkal’ booking will start at 08:00 hrs IST on the 18th of the respective month.

The Tatkal scheme of train ticket booking has proved very useful in emergency and for people who make their travel plans at the last moment it is a boon. ‘Tatkal Ticket Booking is an emergency ticket reservation scheme of the Indian Railways. The Tatkal ticket booking scheme is available in large number of trains across the country. Under tatkal ticket booking, traveller can book their train tickets just two days before the actual date of journey.

How does the scheme of Tatkal ticket booking work? Indian railway keeps a certain number of seats reserve for the Tatkal quota and it is a very useful way of getting berths on a train that you need plan to travel on. In each train of the Indian Railways, there is a ‘Tatkal’ quota in Sleeper Class, 2A, 3A, and AC Chair. Please note that ‘Tatkal’ bookings are permitted in all classes except First AC and Executive Class. If the seats are empty after Tatkal quota, these vacant seats are then released to the passengers in the waiting list.

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